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Jul. 26th, 2010



Has anyone ever heard of a happy diet? Exactly. So what's the point?

Jul. 21st, 2010

white flower


FINALLY! I am back from my 2 1/2 week church mission trip!

A group from my church went to Arizona to the Indian Reservation to host a 2 week VBS for the kids. Also, we did some community service to clean up the area. Luckily, we had about 116 kids every week! It was completely amazing and life changing, I recommend the experience to all!

Jul. 1st, 2010

taekyung and bunny

Writer's Block: Twilight is nearing

How do you feel about the upcoming Twilight film? Are you a fan or a critical bystander?

Twilight is proof that our society is going down the drain. Not only is the story horrible, but every single psycho fangirl (sometimes guys) make me want to puke. If I have to go to the movies one more time and see another fangirl squeeling for ''hot'' Jacob/Edward, I will hurt you. I'm all for team Van Helsing, the one who was meant to kill them all.

Jun. 30th, 2010

jeans in grass

Writer's Block: The Summer Hit

Which song will be the summer hit played at beaches and backyard BBQs everywhere?

Even though realistically it'll be some crappy song like california gurls or god forbid a Lady Gaga song..

Hopefully though, it'll be an awesome new RISE AGAINST song!

*fingers crossed*
white flower

My Apologies

Everyone, I am sorry for all the drama. Especially you, Ashli. I'm sorry about what Edwin did, and I'm sorry that it had to be me. I feel responsible about what he did, but please just remember that I rejected him. And Edwin, burn in Hell. You totally screwed us all over.

Jun. 29th, 2010


Drama be Gone

Once again, there is MORE drama. My good friend Ashli who has been crushing over Edwin for the longest time has recently gotten the news of his ''confession'' and she is not taking it in too well. My other friend, Cathy who has also liked Edwin in the past, is accusing me of seducing him. All I can say right now is....SIGH.

Jun. 28th, 2010


Stupid Edwin

I was wrong! Everything DID get more dramatic!

So Edwin, my best friend who confessed his love for me and asked me to be his one and only on the same day that Mar left, also asked me for an immediate answer. And when I told him that my mind was too flustered with the whole Mar situation and that I wasn't in the mood for all of that, Edwin started saying cruel things to win me over.

He said, "Don't waste your time on Mar. He never even loved you! And he's never coming back either! For all you know, he probably had a choice to stay here or to go to the Philippines and guess what, he never loved you enough to choose to stay here in America! Mar never loved you, and he never will. He's gone and you need to face it. I'm better for you. I've loved you this whole time and you're very special to me. I'd never hurt you."

Honestly Edwin, are you that much of an asshole? (Sorry for my language). How dare you say those things to me! You don't know shizz about my relationship with Mar! And, oh please, you're telling me that you care about me and would never hurt me? You're the only person who HAS been hurting me! Every day you tell me that Mar doesn't love me and that I should just love you. YOU, the one who broke Mar and I up in the past and repeatedly tried to do it again when we got back together. I've tolerated you and remained good friends with you, but now you have finally crossed the line. You want an answer? Fine. My answer is NO!

Jun. 27th, 2010

hug - coffee prince

Uh oh...More Drama

More drama... Who thought it could even get worse?

Anyway, so my boyfriend is leaving today forever and so everything is very dramatic right now. I mean, I'll never see him again!D: And then, my best friend confesses his love for me and says that I'm his one and only. He says that he has loved me for the longest time and that I'm very dear and special to him. Worst of all, he expects some sort of answer from me TODAY! Today of all days he chooses THIS day to make a love statement.

On the bright side, at least summer can't get any worse..

Jun. 26th, 2010

Taekyung and go mi nam

A Long Awaited Farewell

Wow... The day has finally come.. He's leaving for the Philippines tomorrow. His parents took away his phone since he's leaving the country. He hasn't been on Facebook because he's busy preparing to leave. I can't visit him and he can't visit me because his parents don't want him to be distracted by me before he leaves. So what was our farewell?
On the last day of school, he hugged me tighter than ever and told me that he loved me (for the first time). I didn't exactly have a chance to say it back, nor did I say goodbye forever because I thought I'd see him again before he left. But i never did! The boy I've loved for two whole years and who has been the love of my life is leaving tomorrow (FOREVER) and I was never able to tell him that I love him or even a small goodbye.

I'll never be able to see him or talk to him again..And I was never able to give him a farewell.

Am I being dramatic about this?

Jun. 20th, 2010


Summer Vacation!

Finally! Summer is here! No more finals, homework, drama, etc. Over the last few weeks, everyone has been horrifically dramatic. Constant break ups, relationships, fighting, betrayal, and even inappropriate teacher/student relationships. But its all gone now! :D

As fun as summer might be, its also quite depressing. My boyfriend is moving to the Philippines and I'll never see him again! Sure, I'm only a reckless teenager and have no idea what love actually is, but my insides are literally tearing up! I've heard that puppy love is the most beautiful thing and that I should enjoy while I can, but how can I enjoy it when it hurts so much!

(Sorry for my dramatic exaggerations, I just really wanted to express my point without getting into serious detail)

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