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Taekyung and go mi nam

A Long Awaited Farewell

Wow... The day has finally come.. He's leaving for the Philippines tomorrow. His parents took away his phone since he's leaving the country. He hasn't been on Facebook because he's busy preparing to leave. I can't visit him and he can't visit me because his parents don't want him to be distracted by me before he leaves. So what was our farewell?
On the last day of school, he hugged me tighter than ever and told me that he loved me (for the first time). I didn't exactly have a chance to say it back, nor did I say goodbye forever because I thought I'd see him again before he left. But i never did! The boy I've loved for two whole years and who has been the love of my life is leaving tomorrow (FOREVER) and I was never able to tell him that I love him or even a small goodbye.

I'll never be able to see him or talk to him again..And I was never able to give him a farewell.

Am I being dramatic about this?