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Stupid Edwin

I was wrong! Everything DID get more dramatic!

So Edwin, my best friend who confessed his love for me and asked me to be his one and only on the same day that Mar left, also asked me for an immediate answer. And when I told him that my mind was too flustered with the whole Mar situation and that I wasn't in the mood for all of that, Edwin started saying cruel things to win me over.

He said, "Don't waste your time on Mar. He never even loved you! And he's never coming back either! For all you know, he probably had a choice to stay here or to go to the Philippines and guess what, he never loved you enough to choose to stay here in America! Mar never loved you, and he never will. He's gone and you need to face it. I'm better for you. I've loved you this whole time and you're very special to me. I'd never hurt you."

Honestly Edwin, are you that much of an asshole? (Sorry for my language). How dare you say those things to me! You don't know shizz about my relationship with Mar! And, oh please, you're telling me that you care about me and would never hurt me? You're the only person who HAS been hurting me! Every day you tell me that Mar doesn't love me and that I should just love you. YOU, the one who broke Mar and I up in the past and repeatedly tried to do it again when we got back together. I've tolerated you and remained good friends with you, but now you have finally crossed the line. You want an answer? Fine. My answer is NO!